Body scrub and face scrub: Discover the differences in between

The cosmetics market represents a major economic sector. In addition, to give you an idea, know that it sells about 250 dollars of beauty products per second! Similarly, the Americans buy on average 525,000 shampoos, 157,000 perfume bottles or 309,000 specific care products per year.

Moreover, it is precisely in this category that the scrubs are located. So even if you are fond of these kinds of products, do you really know them? Why body scrub vs face scrub is different?

What is the point of getting scrubs?

All the beauty advisers say so; it is essential to get regular scrubs! Yes, but why? Do you really see a difference on your skin? Well, yeah!

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells to leave only healthy, living tissue on your body. Indeed, the cells of the epidermis are renewed each month.

As a result, cells die and are replaced with new ones. However, the skin cannot get rid of all the dead cells on its own.

That is why it is essential to help him. What is more, if it makes the complexion duller, know that the fact of not making scrubs helps to gradually block the pores of the epidermis.

However, this creates small inflammations more commonly known as acne pimples. On the other hand, in order not to weaken the skin, it is essential not to do daily exfoliation. Do not exceed one to two scrubs per week.

The difference between body and face scrub

However, you have no doubt noticed that there is difference between body scrub and face scrub. In general, body products are made up of larger, more abrasive scrub particles. Indeed, the skin is less fragile there than on the face.

Similarly, the body scrub often contains perfume. However, it can be allergenic or aggressive on the face.

body and face scrub

What is more, know that a scrub, like any beauty product, is chosen according to the nature of the skin. Thus, there are products specially dedicated to dry skin while others are more oriented towards oily skin. Choose first between body vs face scrub precisely.

Exfoliators for dry skin are softer and enriched with oils. Those for oily skin, on the other hand, are more abrasive. Indeed, this type of epidermis needs more to be erased.

The grains are more acidic there. Similarly, be aware that the black epidermis is thicker than the white epidermis.

Thus, it tends to accumulate more dead skin and therefore needs more effective and very hydrating products. Anyway, it is always better to test the treatment beforehand on a small area of ​​your body to avoid any hypoallergenic risk.


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