Method to hide peeling skin from chemical peel with makeup

facial peeling

The initial concern you are going to think about is find out what a facial peel is and what it is for, and once you understand what effects it has on your skin, you will proceed to hide peeling skin from chemical peel with makeup after this treatment in a few simple steps.

Facial peeling is an exfoliation technique that involves applying a substance to the skin to remove dead cells, it is also ideal for spots that come out when sunbathing in the summer or as the years go by, and you can see that they come out the first wrinkles.

What is a peeling?

There are two types of facial peeling; the mechanical one, which is carried out by means of brushes, rollers or sandpaper, and the chemical peel, which is carried out using normally acidic chemical products.

Each session usually lasts about thirty minutes, and between sessions you must allow at least a week to pass.


After the treatment it is advisable to use soothing cream because the skin is very sensitive and reddened. You must use maximum sun protection; you must also avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Makeup after facial peeling

You must bear in mind that when you do a facial peel you will have to wait a while.

Whether you have had a gentle peel, you can wear makeup after a chemical peel after 24 hours, if it is an intermediate peel you will have to wait between two and three days, and if it is a deep peel, you will have to wait to put on makeup until all the dead skin on our face.

It is essential to wait for because if it is not a waste of money, you have had the treatment to spoil it by putting on makeup. When you finish the session, you will ask the specialist who recommends you about your skin type.

It is recommended after the peeling to use a hypoallergenic makeup after a few days have passed since some products contain chemical substances that can harm you by having irritated or sensitive skin.

Once the days that the specialist has advised to put makeup on after a chemical peel have passed, you can use neutral tones and as little makeup as possible, because since you have done the treatment, it is ideal that you let the skin breathe.

It is also advisable to invest in quality cosmetic or makeup products so you will prevent a poor quality product from touching your skin. In perfumeries or specialized stores you can find a wide range of products from all prices and for all skin types.


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