Application of hand cream on face


There’s many individuals who like to stay put under the covers for slightly more while the alarm clock continues ringing, yet that additional piece of rest includes some significant pitfalls.

Since then you need to find a good pace rush (as a rule around 20 minutes after you were planning to find a good pace) have only 10 minutes to prepare, wash yourself, put on your make-up. You can apply hand cream on face.


By their temperament, the skin of your face and that of yours hands aren’t the same. The skin on your face happens to be more delicate, and the skin on your hands is thicker.

hand creamAt the point when you consider it, beside at times being somewhat dry, your hands never have any large skin issues.

No pimple inconvenience, no complexion inconvenience or any of those different issues that are characteristic of the face. Skin is really extraordinary all over the place, which implies diverse consideration and various formulas.

You don’t back off of your hands, either, presenting them to soap each time you visit the toilet (indeed, that is extremely important), to liquid dish washing soap to more soap before and in the wake of eating. (Yeah, that is extremely essential as well.)

All things considered, you need to wash your hands probably about 15 times each day, in the event that it isn’t more than that, while you clean your faces two times each day, in the time of morning and in the time of evening. (Truly, in the evening is extremely vital as well, regardless of whether you don’t feel like it.)

So the skin of your hands needs to endure much more maltreatment than that of your face. Such a lot of washing upsets the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis, that protective layer that might regrow itself fewer and fewer well as you age.

As a little side note: in the event that you need proof of the presence of your hydrolipidic film (which comprises of water and fat), simply look at your iPad or smartphone.

See those fingerprints on the screen? That is hydrolipidic film.

Hydrolipidic film

This film is indispensable and natural! Henceforth the need to saturate and sustain your hands with products that should be more extravagant and more protective.

Face creams and Hand creams may have the same premise and share elements practically speaking, yet have various concentrations of them, and that is the thing that makes all the distinction. But use hand cream as a moisturizer on face can be good option.

Hand creams should be boundaries shielding your hands from things like incessant washing and cold.

For this, they have to have high concentrations of greases, wax, oils, occlusive specialists the majority of which are notable for their comedogenic impacts, for example for encouraging the forming of blackheads.

One can use a hand cream on face sometimes.


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