Moisturize after a lush face mask: Truth revealed

apply the mask

Face masks are becoming very popular in the beauty world, and it is that they offer multiple benefits to all skin types, however, it is very important to know the beauty routine that you must perform before and after applying the product, so that you get the desired results. Learn more about this topic.

Before cleaning the face

The first thing you have to do before applying the mask to your face is to clean it completely with warm water and with the cleanser that you generally use, this should be suitable for your skin type.

This product will help you remove makeup residues, impurities and grease. Dry the face completely with the help of a soft facial towel.

Apply the mask correctly

The next step is to apply the mask, you must first choose the most suitable for your skin type, those with clay are a great option, you can choose between red, green and black, depending on the imperfections you want to treat.

Then place a thin layer of mask on the face and neck, avoid contact with the eyes and lips. You can apply the product with your fingers or with a flat brush, so that you can distribute it well from top to bottom without lumps.

Relax and let the product act

The mask should act for the time recommended by the manufacturer, which is generally between 10 and 15 minutes, at this time the compounds of the mask will penetrate into the skin layers, stimulate blood flow and close the pores.

Apply face cream after a lush face mask positively.

Rinse and completely remove the mask

cleaning the faceWith plenty of warm water rinse, the face, since if you remove the mask with hot water you could open the pores and leave the skin more sensitive, and do not use cleansing products.

Remove the mask gently and slowly with your fingers making circular movements, the massage will stimulate blood circulation and improve the appearance of the skin.

Take care that the mask does not fall on your eyes, as these could become irritated. Dry your face completely with a special face towel, moisturize after a lush face mask.

Moisturizes and makes up the face

Once your face is completely dry, apply a thin layer of special moisturizer for your skin type, so as not to cover the pores.

To finish applying makeup to your face as usual, cosmetics will penetrate better after performing this procedure, since they will be clean and your skin will look bright. But before that, use lotion after a lush face mask surely.


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