Homemade Face cream: Rich cocoa butter for glowing skin

cocoa butter

The wonderful aroma of chocolate and the benefits of a precious elixir that prolongs youth and fills the skin with radiance at the same time? Yes, it’s the same cocoa butter and today learn how to make face cream with cocoa butter.

The cold season is a great opportunity to get acquainted with this natural remedy, because one of its fragrances already warms you up! Here is the cocoa butter face cream recipe.

The benefits of cocoa butter for the skin

So, how is it useful besides a delicious, uplifting smell:

  • Oil moisturizes and nourishes dry and dehydrated skin;
  • Protects from ultraviolet and temperature changes;

Cocoa butter gives the skin elasticity

There are enough arguments in favour of using cocoa butter for the face, is not it?

nourishing Cream

It might be used in its clean form it is enough to melt a small piece in the hands and apply on the face. So get protection before going out in the cold, and if you do a similar procedure before going to bed a nourishing night cream.

A huge plus in the DIY natural cocoa butter face cream and use it as a cream that can be applied to the area around the eyes! This smoothest the skin and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which helps get rid of bruises under the eyes.

Cocoa Butter Nourishing Cream

The next most difficult recipe.

Take 2 tbsp. melted remedy and mix it with macadamia oil and wheat germ for only 1 tbsp.

Stir and pour until the mixture thickens in a jar with a lid.

You can store in the refrigerator, or on the shelf of the dressing table, if the house is not too hot. The main thing is not to keep the cream in the bathroom.

Cocoa Butter Anti-Aging Cream

Melt a small piece of oil in a water bath and measure out exactly 1 tbsp.

Pour it into another dish and add 1 tsp. jojoba and 3 tablespoons apricot oil or grape seed – both of them restore and restore skin elasticity.

Drip 5-6 drops of rosemary or ylang-ylang essential oil and mix until the mixture begins to thicken.

Then transfer it to another jar and put it in the refrigerator.

Use like any cream in the morning and evening.


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