Difference between hand and foot cream: Understand the inner truth


Currently, new effective drugs are being created to care for all parts of the body. They are aimed at restoring, nourishing or moisturizing the hands, face, legs.

At the heart of each drug is an innovative formula that affects a specific type of skin. Online stores offer you an extensive range of cosmetics – including hand cream, body oils, scrubs and tonics.

Means for legs cannot be used as cosmetics for the body or face. There uses to be a number of aims for this. Read the difference between hand and foot cream.

Main differences

Each cosmetic product has individual characteristics that allow maximum effect on that part of the body for which it is intended. The main differences between hand vs foot cream:

  • Fundamental approaches in production;
  • Structure;
  • Act.

foot cream

The range of cosmetic preparations is expanding with lifting products for hands, moisturizing oils for nails, rough scrubs. Along with modern cosmetic products, classic ones can also be used.

Their effectiveness has been confirmed by many years of application experience. The most famous of the classic ingredients that are part of modern preparations are glycerine, cocoa butter and almond, chamomile, nettle, vitamins A and C.

However, even a similar composition does not allow the use of a rough heel scrub as a hand cleansing product.


The modern market for cosmetic products offers a wide range of skin care products for the feet. Understand the difference between hand cream and foot cream.

To make the feet soft, scrubs are used, oils are applied to the nails. You can buy softening foot cream, anti-bacterial designed to remove corns, corns, balms.

This list is complemented by gels and deodorants. The functions of the drugs depend on their purpose.


To date, it is impossible to get by with the only remedy aimed at nourishing cells. Personal care is everyday work. Comprehensive care for every part of the body:

  • Purification – carried out through scrubs;
  • Moisturizing – at this stage tonic agents with a softening and nourishing effect are used;
  • Protection – creams are used to neutralize the negative effects of household chemicals, external irritants.

As additional tools, masks, massage creams and super cleaners are used. A wide selection allows you to provide wonderful care for the skin of your hands and feet, to make it soft, soft, supple and healthy.


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