Method to use coconut oil in your shampoo

coconut oil

More and more people are opting for natural ingredients when caring for hair. These essentials in the world of cosmetics are not just a fad and proof of them is that for years they have garnered thousands of fans around the world.

Within this universe, you can put coconut oil in your shampoo and it will become your undisputed favourites.

Surely you have already heard about coconut oil and this is because it has countless properties, both in the kitchen and in the beauty world.

One can use coconut oil for hair for the sake of goodness. This essential oil applied to the hair provides incredible benefits, especially on damaged or dry hair. Looking to renew the state of your hair? The coconut shampoo can be your great ally!


Properties of coconut oil on hair

As it is made up of extremely small molecules and fatty acids, it is able to penetrate the hair fibre and deeply hydrate it from the inside. And thanks to its ability to retain moisture, it also helps reduce frizz.

It is a powerful fungicide, very effective to clean hair and scalp and eliminate dandruff. This is why it was used for centuries to act against this millennial hair problem.

Thanks to the fact that it contains a high index of proteins, vitamins, magnesium, iron and potassium, it protects and revitalizes the hair. In addition, it reveals silky and soft hair thanks to the nutrients present in its composition.

The perfect formula for perfect hair

To give your hair the perfect dose of coconut oil, there are two exclusive formulas for every need.

On the one hand, the Oil Repair Smooth Coconut care line is an exclusive combination of fruit protein and coconut oil, designed to restore shine and smoothness to straight hair.

On the other hand, the Powerful Curls shampoo range of curly hair treatment, with fruit protein and coconut oil strengthens the hair, provides nutrition, further defines curls and reduces excess volume.

If you are looking for an intensive treatment, try the 2-step ultra-nourishing shampoo with coconut oil and a sealer that helps shield nutrition in the fiber.


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